Three Bones Theory and the Sensory Stations of the Deep Core: a story about your body.

  • Are we our bodies or are we our minds?

    Are we our bodies or are we our minds?

    Are we our bodies or are we our minds? Is the purpose of the human mind power over or power with? Is the direction of human thought up or down? Is abstract reason the only form of rationality? As the power of the human mind expands through history and technology, does it expand outward or…

  • Touch, the absence of touch, and trauma. Reflections on the recent 2023 USABP Annual Meeting.

    Touch, the absence of touch, and trauma. Reflections on the recent 2023 USABP Annual Meeting.

    In a world where everyone is profoundly touch deprived then yes, touch can easily equal trauma, or invoke traumatic memories, because it is unexpected and because it can be manipulative and because we are not connected to each other in such a world. In my mind this, the 18th meeting of this association, was evidence…

  • Muscle Salon with Musclemonk

    Muscle Salon with Musclemonk

    An invitation to gentle, guided online movement meditation based on the anatomy of the deep core.

  • A new form of cognition

    The discovery of myofascial synergies will result in a new form of cognition and a new form of enlightenment, biomechanical enlightenment. Simple, intuitive, mechanistic, and anatomical, it is a system of human coordination dynamics, how we hold ourselves together from the inside out, palpable anatomical fact. When we know ourselves better, we find that our…

  • How to save the world with Muscle.

    How to save the world with muscle First identify the problem: evolutionary mismatch Next determine its effect on the body. Answer: trauma response: immobilization and collapse. Finally identify resources for the restoration of structural balance: focus on a mechanistic solution in the sensory motor system and use anatomy to explain this We can expect to…

  • We have mistaken our medicine for our wine.

    (I am here addressing the participants in the upcoming 2023 Annual Meeting of the US Assn of Body Psychology. It is May 18-21 online and in San Francisco. A link and image is below. Please join us!) The somatic revolution that we are here collaborating on is not limited to just a new generation. Neither…

  • Muscle Salon With MuscleMonk

    Muscle Salon With MuscleMonk

    guided anatomy-based movement meditation

  • It’s already here.

    The only way that we are going toget out of this mess is to go deeperinside ourselves and find the truth. This is what is happening powerfully nowIn physical culture, medicine, and the science, The revolution has already happened.Get ready for when it hits you and your town. Train like a Bodhisattva.

  • I found the truth!

    I found the truth!

  • The sacred pinky toe.

    The sacred pinky toe.

    I call it the sacred pinky toe. It is sacred because it has a gift that we don’t expect. It is the antithesis of that clearly important and powerful big toe. It is a vulnerable little outpost. The advance guard–a scout for the main party. It seems superfluous and is easy to neglect. And it…

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