Three Bones Theory and the Sensory Stations of the Deep Core: a story about your body.

  • Are we our bodies or are we our minds?

    Are we our bodies or are we our minds?

    Are we our bodies or are we our minds? Is the purpose of the human mind power over or power with? Is the direction of human thought up or down? Is abstract reason the only form of rationality? As the power of the human mind expands through history and technology, does it expand outward or…

  • Touch, the absence of touch, and trauma. Reflections on the recent 2023 USABP Annual Meeting.

    Touch, the absence of touch, and trauma. Reflections on the recent 2023 USABP Annual Meeting.

    In a world where everyone is profoundly touch deprived then yes, touch can easily equal trauma, or invoke traumatic memories, because it is unexpected and because it can be manipulative and because we are not connected to each other in such a world. In my mind this, the 18th meeting of this association, was evidence…

  • Muscle Salon with Musclemonk

    Muscle Salon with Musclemonk

    An invitation to gentle, guided online movement meditation based on the anatomy of the deep core.

  • Nothing is more reassuring

    Nothing is more reassuring

    What happens when sanity becomes insanity and health becomes disease? Where do we look for the truth? There is no better place than your own body, your immutable and universal anatomy, your sophisticated and friendly sensory motor system, your marvelous muscles and bones, here in the real world with each other. Does anyone else have…

  • Biomechanical enlightenment is not arcane and esoteric.

    Thinking about coordination dynamics the question we must consider is whether the several major coordinative centers of the body, complex multilevel bony systems, each produce a characteristic voice, an identity, a sense of the whole greater than the sum of its parts–one that is predictable and understandable. We suppose that this might be so because…

  • A handful of bones

    A handful of bones

    A handful of bones is just about all that we can hold in our mind as we go through the process of our complex daily full body movements. A handful of bones is enough to coordinate and balance the system in almost any position. Perhaps in our mundane daily movement of the body only a…

  • The Phase Transition

    The Phase Transition

    In life, we all want to do the best that we can. Many of us have quite high aspirations. But look around you. This is not the best we can do. A shift in perspective is needed and there is ample evidence that it is slowly percolating up from below. The shift in perspective is…

  • Attention, World!

    Attention, World!

    Attention world! The arm was built to have an active sense of axillary (scapular) grip. This is where we organize the movemeant. Not for gods sake the shoulder. Try it! It’s natural. Revelation! If you do it will feel like revelation. Biomechanical Enlightenment! The revelation is just the facticity of your own skeleton–your own anatomy.…

  • The deep core visually

  • A new form of cognition

    The discovery of myofascial synergies will result in a new form of cognition and a new form of enlightenment, biomechanical enlightenment. Simple, intuitive, mechanistic, and anatomical, it is a system of human coordination dynamics, how we hold ourselves together from the inside out, palpable anatomical fact. When we know ourselves better, we find that our…

  • How to save the world with Muscle.

    How to save the world with muscle First identify the problem: evolutionary mismatch Next determine its effect on the body. Answer: trauma response: immobilization and collapse. Finally identify resources for the restoration of structural balance: focus on a mechanistic solution in the sensory motor system and use anatomy to explain this We can expect to…

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