Muscle Salon with Musclemonk

Muscle Salon with Musclemonk. 90 minutes of gentle movement meditation.

An intimate, sensual, and playful excursion into the world of biomechanical enlightenment. A sacred setting with honor and safety, the Muscle Salon is meant to be a place for body healing. We will be exploring parts of our bodies in our deepest core. This is an opportunity to face your fears head on. As a Musclemonk, the muscle salon is part of my spiritual practice. Please come to it with a similar sense of the sacred. This is a gay philosophical event but all bodies are more than welcome.

Come join me as we use self touch and gentle natural movement to explore a variety of the central parts of our body. We will explore and feel and learn to hold onto ourselves from the inside out. This is the anatomical deep core. It is where we touch ourselves and feel into each other and the world around us. This is accomplished by specific muscles and bones associated with a complex array of diverse sensory organs. These gentle guided movement explorations and anatomy lessons bring our awareness within and help us to keep it there.

The Muscle Salon is my invitation to you. Come and join me and help me to save the world one person, one muscle at a time.

We are going to explore our own inner selves to find the answers we seek. We will use cutting edge theory and practice from every different discipline we can. Most of my theory is anatomical and rehabilitative. We will talk about it in historical and political context, because we will be gently restoring our own sense of natural inner power. We will heal ourselves and find ourselves and each other and save the world. We will create a new kind of civilization from the bottom up, each gentle validating smile a blade of grass. We will call this Biomechanical Enligtenment.

Please contact me directly with questions or to participate. This is at the launch phase and your input is welcome.




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