A new form of cognition

The discovery of myofascial synergies will result in a new form of cognition and a new form of enlightenment, biomechanical enlightenment. Simple, intuitive, mechanistic, and anatomical, it is a system of human coordination dynamics, how we hold ourselves together from the inside out, palpable anatomical fact.

When we know ourselves better, we find that our selves in turn also know us better. These additional resources will trigger many breakthroughs in the way that we work with living systems,

including our own.

It involves a new body, schema or body map, because our current understanding is backwards in all of the key junctures of the body. We have taken a yang or superficial rather than a yin or deep perspective on the body generally and motor control in particular. We need to reverse our emphasis in each area of the body that is most affected by environmental mismatch. By changing our structural relationship with gravity, we can convert collapse into levity. And by affirming our muscles we can affirm our own self identity.






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