How to save the world with Muscle.

How to save the world with muscle

First identify the problem: evolutionary mismatch

Next determine its effect on the body.

Answer: trauma response: immobilization and collapse.

Finally identify resources for the restoration of structural balance: focus on a mechanistic solution in the sensory motor system and use anatomy to explain this

We can expect to find major structural imbalances in addition to kinesthetic dystonia, in other words, the loss of tone and awareness, or atrophy, in the major structural junctures of the body. We can fairly easily predict the conversations that will occur and just as easily recommends how to reverse them.

We can describe this fairly easily using basic anatomy. There are natural and simple cues for the restoration of kinesthetic balance, involving self-awareness, muscular exertion, and the creation of a higher resting tone.

These accessible, mechanistic, and interoceptive new resources will make all the difference.

This is how we can save the world with muscle.






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