The sacred pinky toe.

I call it the sacred pinky toe. It is sacred because it has a gift that we don’t expect. It is the antithesis of that clearly important and powerful big toe. It is a vulnerable little outpost. The advance guard–a scout for the main party. It seems superfluous and is easy to neglect. And it is the least little part of us. But like all the other underdogs in life, it nevertheless has a special gift, something we don’t expect, when we cherish and honor it. It is a tiny sensitive proboscis. It is like an outrigger to the powerful big toe and, taken together, we are both strong and tender in our stance on the earth. It is a brave little guy, isn’t it? Think of it as your sacred pinky toe. And when you think of it pause to honor it and honor the least part of your self, which contains such a special blessing.






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