Metamodernity: When you know your self, your self will know you back.

The only secrets that matter are the ones we keep from ourselves. The only magic we ever need to really believe in is our own self. Amazingly, science can help us to know ourselves better than ever before.

Anatomy, neuroscience, somatic psychology, somatic is at a level like never before. We are able to identify and describe the function of the structure of the deep core, a continuity that runs from the tongue to the toe and down our deepest center, which literally holds us together from the inside out.

If anything is, the body is a miracle. It is self reproducing self organizing, and self healing. It does all this but not without self awareness. Science can help us to know our self and this profound new structure is proof of that. But that is not what matters.

What really matters is that when we know our self in this way, our self knows us back. It is this very special embodied cognition that is the gentle, natural, and healing truth that we have been looking for.

But it does not happen here, in these words, in the intellect. It happens later during practice, when we know ourself. It is a small and gentle thing but it is like touch and it can feel like everything for a little while. In this way we can renew and restore our self when faced with more than we can take. In this way we can stitch together the meaning of our life with a rich, self organizing and organic vitality.

Even if all of this is true and it is possible to find this sort of natural and organic self-awareness there will still be massive problems with the built environment and society and culture. This embodied form of self-awareness is a beginning— a more adaptive response and a valuable resource for psychological resilience and physical integration. By gradually building a natural culture around this new form of self-awareness we will be able to address the larger issues. This is the age of metamodernity.

And again, it does not happen here in the intellect, in the words. It happens in the body. We do not tell ourselves that we know the body. The body itself tells us that it knows us. This is the point.






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