Gay educational pornographic performance art.

by Musclemonk

The truth of the body that we need to know today cannot be inhibited behind sex shaming. Removing a major system like that is crippling and prevents the high level of metastability of brain architecture needed to grasp the truth of ourselves.

The truth is not written in words or numbers but in the body. However the body without its sexuality has lost most of its meaning. The body cannot attain self-awareness if a central and important system like our sexuality is removed. The metastability and synergy of consciousness require that its subsystems operate in a predictable and healthy manner. To explore this new level of enlightenment we must embrace our sexuality.in the body.

Being big feels good.

You exist in your body. It is difficult to feel sometimes because it is beyond our capacity to tolerate such great wonder and beauty. Take a moment and feel yourself. Feeling sexy or feeling your body is not as rich and exciting as feeling your self. The difference lies in the great diversity, depth and quality of sensation and the structures that organize and contain it. It is a pursuit of enlightenment. Biomechanical Enlightenment.

Enjoy your physical self. It is there for a reason.

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